Dorothy Matsui
Teacher, Gladys Wood Elementary School
Dedicated Teacher Dorothy Matsui

Dorothy Matsui has maintained a long-standing desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Her passionate professional outlook on teaching has led her down a long, illustrious road to primary education, through which she has been able to provide for the students with whom she works the best instruction that any educator could. She attributes this to her earnest aspiration to help all of her students succeed, learn and grow into positive and well-informed adults.

Being a teacher is something that Ms. Matsui feels is special. It is for this reason that she not only serves as an elementary school teacher, but goes above and beyond her call of duty, and serves as an educator. Ms. Matsui prepares children for the lives that they are bound to lead, by tutoring them in social studies, mathematics and reading—enhancing their learning to the fullest. She also tutors students for the TerraNova test, which is a standardized achievement test that gauges student achievement levels. Ms. Matsui tutors students for the Alaska Standards Based Assessment (SBA) test, and primes them to do well, both on the test, and in their lives.

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Dorothy Matsui is a primary education specialist. She is especially focused on making a difference in the lives of children. Ms. Matsui tutors a number of subjects, which includes mathematics, social studies and English.
Lifetime Achievement Award
Elite American Educator

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